Castle Company Formations

Taking care of Irish business from conception to profitability

Order a Company

To order a company
Please Telephone: 353(0) 1 679 3580
FAX: 353(0)1 679 3717

In order to proceed we require:-

  1. First and Second choice of company name.
  2. Address for; Registered Office, Place of Business and Place of Administration.
  3. Details of business to enable us to write an object clause acceptable to your bankers.
Please feel free to browse through the information offered on our site. The information gathered is here to help you along the way both as a reference point and a way to get in contact with us at Castle Company Formations.
Our clients normally provide this information by email to FAX to 353(0)1 679 3717 or Telephone 353(0) 1 679 3580.
CCF Immediately form the company and then send the relivent forms for completion.
Other services provided by CCF include:
  • Assistancewith VAT/PAYE registeration
  • Preperation and Lodging of Annual Returns
All fees subject to VAT @ 21%